About a new musical "Color of Life"

There are many kinds of musicals today.
On broadway, on westend, and in Tokyo, even today, somewhere in a theater, a curtain has been open and a new musical is about be born.

Consist with all Japanese casts and staffs, a new original musical will be performing in NY this July.
This musical unfolds its drama mainly with songs.
Characters' voices and thoughts covert into songs.
Only a few precious conversation and colorful songs paint the story.

To love a person, to need someone, natural feelings that we all know.
When these feelings flood through songs, our life start to shine.

This is a story we all know, our story.
These are the songs that nobody knows yet, new songs.


A man is a painter.
He makes a living painting in Tokyo.
A woman, far from Tokyo where her parents live, lives in NY by herself as an actress. She just lost her lover who was a joy of her life. Her lover was a woman.
The two met when they were seated next to each other on the plane to NY. It was a meeting that filled the hole of the woman’s broken heart. They sympathize with each other as two human beings, and love each other as a woman and a man.
However, the woman was a lesbian. Unsure why she suddenly fell in love with the other sex, the woman starts living with the man in her own apartment in NY.
Time limit is three months. That is only the Visa allowed.
A man who lived by himself for long time, and a woman who never loved a man.This odd couple, intoxicated in their happiness, trembled in their pain, and terrified. All because of who they were and are.
And they were destined to meet.
A time of life that each colored were mashed when they met, clashed, and resonated and bring a new color to their world.
They explore an unexpected world of their own.
Time passed, 90 days of happiness was almost over – they meet an unchangable ending.


The other day,we had a reharsal with Shino in Tokyo.
Original Lyric by Sachiko Ishimaru
Composed by Yasuhiro Ito
English Lyric by Shino Frances

From Opening Party of MITF Yasuhiro Ito & Shino Frances performed from "COL"