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Theatre Polyphonic


In 2010, Sachiko Ishimaru, a director, established "Polyphonic" for a base for her own producing shows.
Its name "Polyphonic" has Sachiko's wish, "to produce a show with various invention and imagination resonated and intertwined together".
The first produced show was in Sun-mall Studio in Tokyo on October 2010 called "The Book of Devil", written by Kennichi Tani. Following a contemporary playwright, She produced a show of Chekov, Ibsen, Tenessee Williams, represented classics with elaborate and beautiful performances.

She has been highly credited with delicate and dynamic directing, interesting casting, and original music and scenery that support actor's creative world. "Colored of Life" has been her 2nd original musical, written script and songs by Sachiko Ishimaru, and composed and arranged music by Yasuhiro Ito. This upcoming summer, their musical has been invited to MITF and will be opening in NY.


“ The Book of Devil”

by Kenichi Tani Directed Sachiko Ishimaru Open : 1.October,2010 Close : 11.October,2010 (Sun-mall Studio )
Stage Photo

Performed at wedding banquet “The Three Sisters”

by A.Chekhov Directed by Sachiko Ishimaru Open : 10.July,2012 Close : 12.July,2012(Wedding hall “Anfelicion”)

Musical “Peer Gynt”

by H.Ibsen Directed by Sachiko Ishimaru Composed by Yasuhiro Ito Open : 4.December,2012 Close : 9.December,2012(d-Souko)

“The Woman in Tennessee Williams”

by Tennessee Williams Directed by Sachiko Ishimaru Open : 7.March,2012 Close : 10.March,2012(Theater Shine)

Stage Photo